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    VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne

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    VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne

    Let's see the happy customers who tried VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne!

    The VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne is no ordinary perfume. This is pheromone infused, making it the best perfume that attracts, entices connection and boosts confidence. Romantically build connection between you and your partner.

    Scientifically Proven Formula

    Scientifically formulated solid perfume for man that has proven to attract and appeal their receptors. Specifically designed formula! Not only will have you smelling great! Formulated in just the right amounts to be extremely effective! Smooth to the touch! Moisturizing solution increases pheromones skin absorption and potency.

    What is Pheromones?

    Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sensual arousal. The activity change during puberty suggests that humans communicate through odors. The body secretes these odors out in the open and they influence other individuals' behaviors. 

    Certain body scents are directly connected to the human attraction. The ability to smell pheromones activates our olfactory system which helps us to subconsciously recognize a potential compatible mate for reproduction. Sensual response happens when the information communicated by the pheromone is a positive scent. When it comes to human attraction, pheromones have been shown to affect our levels of attraction to the opposite gender actively.

    Pheromone Elevating Solid Cologne

    The formulation of the perfume makes it that when it touches your skin, it elevates and strengthens the scent and potency of your pheromones. Once the contact and connection are made between your pheromones and the perfume, you will emit a stronger positive odor. The molecular fusion of your pheromones and the perfume will help you attract, seduce, and arouse women more effectively.

    Why is VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne Effective?

    VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne formulation is capable of influencing moods, emotions, and affection. Humans brains have pheromone receptors, and you’ll be lighting them up. This will cause to start feeling attracted to each other. The pheromones themselves have no scent. There is no way they will detect that you’re wearing them—-other than the fact that he is suddenly attracted to you!

    Whole Body Application

    What Makes The VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne SPECIAL?

    The real effects were seen when your feel cozy and secure to hang out around you. They do not want to leave you even for a second. 

    Increase of the number of eye contacts from both women

    Increase of the number of interactions with women

    Develop a faster chemistry

    Energize your couple's intimate life

    Helps reduce stress

    Here are some of our happy customers:


    Net Wt.: 7.5g

    Shelf Life: 3 Years


    VividAdam Feromone Solid Cologne



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